5 Instagram Strategies to Ditch TODAY!

🚫 STOP what you’re doing!

Here are 5 common Instagram strategies that you need to DITCH today. These practices could be hampering your business, more than you realise. We’ve flipped them on its head, providing you with the ‘DO’s’ to help you make actionable changes to improve your online presence, plus much more. Let’s go!





2. Ditch: Stop tagging random people – only tag those people relevant to the actual post. For example, if it’s user generate content from a customer or client, tag them only. No need to @ your whole friends list!

Do: Tag the key stakeholders in your business, that’s your suppliers, stockists and brand ambassadors – but again, only when relevant.



3. Ditch: Posting every day. Don’t do it! Your followers will soon hit the ‘snooze button’ on your posts if you’re over populating their feed

Do: Strike a balance with every other day posting (typically). Choose quality over quantity every time.



4. Ditch: Generic Auto Replies – They make sense at the outset, as they are essentially ‘replying’ to a prospect on your behalf, but in reality, the end user can be left frustrated, especially if there are time constraints in their message.

Do: More personal, less corporate. Set aside time to respond to your messages. If this isn’t possible, include other ways of contact in your auto-reply to allow the end user options to reach your business.



5. Ditch: Focusing on trending audio. Audio is great, but the content within your reel is what’s really important.

Do: Use reel templates within the app to help you with clip timings and transitions. Instead of a trending audio, try a voiceover to ‘speak’ to your audience. These can out-perform trending audios!


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