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DR Group is the UK’s largest independent owner-operator of guard boats and utility vessels.  They support offshore build, maintenance and survey work for the oil & gas and offshore energy sectors in European waters.

DR Group comprises of DR Maritime Assets and DR Marine.  DR Maritime Assets provides vessels, Masters, crew and tech to clients. They are developing specialist, cutting edge technology and innovative operating models to deliver contracts seamlessly and efficiently.  DR Marine is the workshop of the group.


The Brief.

Our brief was to develop the DR brand, improve brand awareness and create a marketing strategy to cement DR at their rightful place at the front of the Maritime Industry.  To carry this out, we would need all hands on deck within the team, from strategy, marketing and PR and the creation of a bank of engaging, creative content.

The Results.

We started off, after initial plannings and discussion around DR Group’s requirements and expectations, by implementing a bespoke marketing strategy to ensure DR’s public image was increased.  The KIN team created a bank of content, both photo and video, which could be used across all digital platforms.

All digital touch points were managed by KIN and developed to showcase the best of what DR has to offer.

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