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Butcher and co-owner of Oh So Lean, Sean Morgan, witnessed his son Connor’s determination to shed the pounds. This led to the recipe for their business success.

Sean and Connor Morgan started Oh So Lean because Connor wanted to lose weight. The weight loss club he joined had sausages and burgers as part of his diet but these had to be made to specific requirements. Sean set about making these for Connor and before long had a variety to choose from. Connor’s desire to help others on the same weight loss journey led to the exponential growth of Oh So Lean.

The Oh So Lean team includes nutritionists, butchers and chefs, who are constantly developing and innovating their ever expanding range of healthy foods. In the Oh So Lean range, you’ll find products that are Gluten Free, Soya Free, MSG Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Low Calorie ranges.


The Brief.

KIN and Oh So Lean have worked together over the past few years on many different projects.  We’ve collaborated on everything from social media management to PR work around their introduction into Lidl NI stores.

The Results.

We started off, after initial plannings and discussion around Oh So Lean’s requirements and expectations, by implementing a bespoke marketing strategy to ensure their public image was increased.  

A bank of content, both photo and video, was created, which could be used across all digital platforms.

All digital touch points and campaigns have been managed by KIN and developed to showcase all of Oh So Lean’s tasty meals.

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